About Us

YFF is a festival dedicated to short films by young authors up to the age of 24, located at the heart of the Balkans in Skopje, Macedonia. This year we are establishing a festival whose focus is the young, talented and up-and-coming authors from Macedonia, where they will be able to see their films and the films of their peers from across the world brought together in one place.

This is the first time this festival is being held independently, as it used to be a part of the 3-day program of the biggest secondary school festival in Macedonia, “Three days of culture”, created by the same organizers.

On the 28th and 29th of August in the yard of the Cinematheque of North Macedonia, in the “A Quite Summer” cinema we’ll have 2 well-packed festival nights with a total of 20 short films divided into 3 programs: Home program, Short fiction and documentary shorts. The festival nights will be finished off with 2 local musical acts. The festival will give out a reward for the best film of the line-up.